100 Portraits, 'facing oslo'

Outdoors Exhibition in Oslo. We took 100 portraits of residents in a downtown Oslo apartment block.  Every participant was given their picture to place in the window of their own apartment.  The pictures of the local people living in the block changed this anonymous facade into a living one for one month. This acted as an invitation to  start a dialogue within the city.

Mirame Tramuntanta

This was a photo exhibition in collaboration with the Spanish Tourist Department. 

We placed pictures from a Mallorca's competition in Solli Plass; most of the pictures were placed inside a restaurant, but some were placed at the front windows, facing both inside and outside, so that the exhibition could be part of the everyday life of the street.

Pilar's home

A family house in Northen Spain. A stone house is refurbished to host a big family during summer time. Existing elements are rediscovered during the construction and new elements are added to adapt to modern life.