CEK Studio for Architecture and Design is an architectural practice created by Melisa Callau Escuer and Thomas Knigge in 2019.

Melisa Callau Escuer has been working for the last 11 years in Ratio Arkitekter AS, Oslo. She has 18 years experience working as an architect in Norway,  Spain and Greece.

Thomas Knigge is working in Jensen&Skodvin Arkitekter AS.

We work with architectural-, interior-, design and urban projects - involving the client in a dialectical process in all phases of the project.

How we work


In every stage of the construction process we believe in co- design, having a constant dialogue with clients, craftsman and the companies in charge of building process. Given this level of cooperation, the final product is a far more complex version than could ever have been achieved without the different partners working together.


Architecture is in constant evolution. From the natural landscape, to a building, full of life, then empty and ruined, returning to the natural landscape again. Our intervention is one more layer in the history of a place. We intend to preserve its existing qualities and introduce with any new proposal extra values.

In accordance with these principles, we work with new ways of moving, communicating and living in the city and at home. 

Environmentally Active

We are making use of innovative techniques and new materials, and taking the latest studies of environmentally friendly approaches as a key focus to achieve high quality results in design, materials and aesthetics. 

We are engaged in taking architecture into the circular economy where total waste should be zero after reusing and recycling.


MT  Byggverk AS.

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